About Us

Nice to Meet you!

We are Margherita and Nick, an Italian/Australian couple who have been calling Milan home for over a decade.

We are here to flip the script about Milan, and show you it’s not a boring, expensive and unfriendly city – quite the opposite in fact!

What Will You Find on Milan and More?

We have written about Milan extensively on our main travel blog, The Crowded Planet. Starting from 2015, we dedicated an entire category of our blog to Milan content – check out Mondays in Milan to know more.

However, we felt the need to have an online space all about Milan, a one-stop shop for travelers heading to the city. On Milan and More, you’ll find guides about the city’s attractions and neighbourhoods, practical advice, and naturally all our best local tips!

Milan is also a wonderful base to explore more of Northern Italy. We’ll show you how to organize your own day trips to Bergamo, Lake Como, Venice and the Alps, and even how to get to the beach!

We are Milan Locals and Experts!

We are locals! Margherita was born and bred in Milan, and lived here for the majority of her life. Nick moved to Milan in 2010, and quickly fell in love with the city.

We’ve created content about Milan for a variety of international publications, including National Geographic, Lonely Planet, the Telegraph and Italy Magazine. Everything you’ll find on Milan and More is the product of our decades-long experience!

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