Where to Stay in Milan


Are you planning your first trip to Milan? Choosing where to stay in Milan may get daunting. Here we come to the rescue with a breakdown of the best neighborhoods in Milan, with a luxury, midrange, and budget hotel in each area! Centro/Duomo The heart of Milan is Centro, sometimes called Duomo after the incredible … Read more

13 Unmissable Milan Museums

best milan museums

Did you know there are some truly world-class museums in Milan? Yes, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Cenacolo Vinciano, home to Leonardo’s Last Supper, and about Pinacoteca di Brera and its Old Master paintings. However, did you know recently-opened MUDEC, an ethnographic museum about world cultures? And Museo del Novecento, all about 20th-century art? … Read more

14 Amazing Buildings in Milan

piazza gae aulenti milan

This one is for architecture lovers! Milan is full of amazing buildings – from the flamboyant Duomo, to pretty residential Liberty buildings, some Brutalist gems, and a whole lot of shiny, new high-rises and skyscrapers! Putting together this post was challenging, as we really wanted to include a selection of different kinds of Milan buildings … Read more

30 Interesting Facts About Milan

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If you’re the kind of person that likes to read about curious facts, this article is for you! Milan may come second to Rome in terms of size, history, and population, but it’s home to curious buildings, interesting traditions, and even some mysteries! As a born and bred local, I know plenty of interesting facts … Read more

20 Amazing Churches in Milan

best milan churches duomo roof

Did you know there are is so much to see in Milan? Yes, I’m not just talking about the Duomo – there are over 400 churches in Milan, each offering something special and unique. For example, have you ever heard of San Bernardino alle Ossa, decorated with thousands of human skulls? Or of the optical … Read more

Is Milan Safe?

is milan safe

Is Milan safe? I’m sure this is the first thing you wanted to know after booking your Milan flight – especially if you are a woman, LGBTQ, or a person of color. Milan is a large and diverse city. Most of it is safe, even at night – but as with every large city, there … Read more

The Most Beautiful Milan Squares

best milan squares duomo

There’s a world beside Piazza del Duomo! Milan is full of beautiful squares – known in Italian as ‘piazze’. You’ll find quaint squares surrounding beautiful churches, large piazzas framed by skyscrapers and parks, and pretty much anything in between. Milan squares make for perfect photo opportunities, while also serving as outdoor gathering spaces for a … Read more